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  • Band of Horses: Cease to Begin
  • Neko Case: Middle Cyclone
  • Nina Simone: Anthology

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  • Cynthia Kaplan: Why I'm Like This
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YOur dog IS ridiculously cute- a little like a cartoon character.


I completely agree with your first paragraph, it's your space and don't ever forget that you hold the power of the delete button. ;o)

Your knitting is looking fantastic and yes, you do have a ridiculously cute dog right there!


So, yet another topic to discuss on the next phone call (along with my possibly moving) is blogs.

I am off Monday and Tuesday :)


Happy belated B-Day! I just turned 29 as well and I still can't believe it.


I've been feeling the same way. Just tired of the effort required to blog and getting sucked into the ease of facebook. Oh well. I hope my crafty mojo will be back soon.

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