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OMG- I'm so sorry! I'm glad she's going to be OK. And I think you should send the hag a bill! Or at least put a banana in her tailpipe.


That's so terrible! Poor Cricket - I'm so glad she's going to be okay, but may karma strike the old bat down. I'll keep her in my thoughts, and keep an eye out for the destashing!

Some people are just incredibly vile. I was behind a woman who hit a neighborhood dog once, and she only pulled over when she saw I had - when I frantically told her she had to get out and help me get the dog to the emergency vet, she said it was the owner's fault for letting it run loose (which I found out later was an accident, he found a way around the invisible fence) AND THEN she said that if I found the owners, they should know they owed her for the damage to her car!!! Fortunately she peeled out before I got my hands on her - I really did lunge for her through the window. I swear, if I ever run into her again.....


Oh, poor Cricket. I get so upset whenever I hear about a hurt animal, but when it's one hurt by a total asshole then I get murderous. I think putting up signs would be the least you could do.


That woman is reason #1 why my motto has been and will continue to be: people suck. Having been stuck with a blame-stormer at work, I have so no patience for someone that comes up with such low reasons as to why it couldn't possibly be their fault.

Okay big deep breath for me too...when it rains it pours, eh? I really hope Cricket gets better soon and that your sister is okay.

Jeanne B.

OMG. Your dog "rolled" under her car? Agh! I agree, send her the bill! I'm glad Cricket survived it well. Sending healing thoughts her way.


and if she doesn't pay the bill? take her to small claims court. she caused damage to your "property" (i know, cricket is your baby, but legally, she's property). i'm not sure, but talk to the local police department, you might be able to charge her with willful damage to property (depending on the circumstances)


Oh no!!! I hope Cricket gets better soon!! I agree with minnie that you should see if you can't charge her for damage! Bleh, I can't believe that she would say such things!!


I've just found your blog via Ravelry.

Sending lots of heeling vibes for Cricket from Annie & Oscar & me in England.


Jackson & I are sending positive thoughts to Cricket and you and your family! We will be back to help as needed!


OMG, I am so sorry for Cricket and your sister. Maybe in addition to the sock yarn you should put up a paypal donate button for people who might just want to give a little to help out. I am sending good thoughts your way and I hope everything works out.


Put a paypal donate button up! I will donate.

I hate seeing bad things happen to good dogs.

This is horrible. Poor Cricket! I hope things get better.

Breast implants would be weird. LOL. You can charge people to see the dog with breast implants!!


I'm so sorry to hear about Cricket! Fortunately she's (mostly) okay. Is there any legal recourse at all, given Cricket was loose? Poor thing - much love and happy thoughts winging your way.


Firstly, I'm so very sorry and hope Cricket gets better ASAP!

Secondly, SUE THE BITCH! Seriously! I don't care how old she is, totally unacceptable. Plus, if she's driving a caddy, not like she's scraping change to pay for prescriptions or anything. And, even if she was, being old is no excuse! Did you call the Police? Minnie is right, she is liable for property damage.


OH my gosh...I would send hateful thoughts to that lady, but it's more constructive to send Love to Cricket.


Poor baby. Warm, healing thoughts and wishes heading your way.


The same thing happened to my Toby two summers ago. The driver is a neighbor to my family's cabin-- and is EXTREMELY wealthy. (re: millionaire)

She did not offer to pay a cent. Her only comment, "Next time get a bigger dog."

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