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Ooh... good luck with the kidos! Yes, I think parents must have superpowers as well to juggle all of that. Heck I'm just married with no two legged kids and I find that hectic enough.

Although the getting up early, well you just get used to that. I wake up at 5:30 on weekdays and sure it's really hard at first (and when you come back from a long vacation) but your body gets so used to it that weekends you still wake up early.


Are you kidding? By the time they're three you're not waking up in the middle of the night to feed them and stuff! Parents think they're on the easy road by then :).

Yup, superpowers. Yet another item to add to the "why I don't want kids" list :).


You just named the #1 reason why I stopped at 1 and have no plans to have any more - and why the one I have has been able to get herself up and ready for school by herself since the 5th grade (only missing the bus once). Momma is cranky in the morning ;o)


i will tell you this. it starts with a bang when they're new borns (you think these guys have lots of laundry now? think about new borns and needing 3-5 outfits a day because you don't know how many times they're going to spit up, blow out a diaper, or wet through), and gradually the physical parts get easier. however, the mental increases as the child ages, and i actually think that's tougher. i have 4, ages 13 through 22, and i'm eternally grateful that i didnt end up with all 4 as teenagers (2 girls are 21 & 22, and the boys are 15 & 13)


Coffee. Copious amounts of coffee.


Hmm. Superpowers? Maybe. But blind numbing rope-a-dope? Probably! Before I had kids, there was no way I could do the things I do now. I couldn't even imagine it. I guess necessity forces you to find hidden strength.

But they are certainly worth it!

Good Luck!


Good Luck! Spending that much time with kids who are not my own would be too daunting for me! Well, really, if they were my own I may be scared, but by the time one was 7 I'd have to have gotten over that :)


Oh sweetie, if only. You find out about the superpowers, ya better share.

So, you ask, how does it all get done?

It doesn't. There are just things you have to let go if you want to stay sane. Yes, there is bone tired all the time. Yes, there is mind-spinning schedule keeping and detail remembering. Yes, we are overrun with dust bunnies and creeping charlie. Yes, there is a lot of coffee.

There are many "why did we do this" days...but there are days like I had last weekend when I was down and out in migraine land when #1 and 2 crept upstairs and gave me the pictures they drew for me and left soft kisses on my cheeks.

There is #3's amazing face-exploding smile when he sees me...or the dog...or his toes...or an ant.

There are monkey hugs and reminders each and every day to not take yourself too seriously and just flat out take time out to have fun and be goofy and explore and feel wonder.

There are Christmas mornings and faces full of birthday cake.

...and you get used to it...OK, maybe not so much. But you do gain appreciation for the fact that there are downs and ups and over-theres and upsidedowns and insideouts...and none of them are forever. I can't say the pros outweigh the cons all the time, or even most of the time, but it all does make life more interesting.

At least that's what I tell myself.

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