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Linda Cartlidge


Please please let me join your ring - OK, I'm not exactly resident in the Southern States but I do live there part time, and when I'm not there I knit and dream of being in Texas. I even have a car in the UK with a Texas Flag paintjob, so please let me stay! I can make a good barbeque sauce if that helps.

Amknitty International

Ok so I'm a bit dim and should have put my blog name in there. I'll get it in the end, this dern technology


can I join? I'm a GA gal!


I think I've done all I need to join this ring but am technically challenged. Can you send me a note telling me I'm in?


Hi Ya'll..
I just signed up and put the code in My Blog... Hope I get joined up !!

Rena Wiese

I am southern through and through - born and raised in Texas, now Tennessean by residence! I like to knit, and just talk about my life.



I am looking for ladies of the South to help me..
I am a designer in Atlanta, my company www.Southernbouquets.com has
been asked my the First Lady of Georgia Mary Perdue to assist with
this years Holiday decor for the Christmas tour.
Our theme this is year is "Georgia's History" my selected room to
decorate is "The State Drawing Room" the theme of this room "Civil
War era 1861-1865".

In my research I have decided to deticate a tree in the room to the
Ladies of the Civil War who knitted socks for the Civil War soilders.
I have found several documents from the Macon Telegraph in 1864 where
these ladies where praised by J. W. COLQUITT,Col. Comm'dg. 1st &
15thArk. Regts for their there help.

I am looking for ladies who could knitt me a smaller verison of
the "Wool sock" to hang on this tree in honor of the "Ladies of
Civil War" who also served as well as their
loved ones.

Should you be interested in donating a sock, please email me at


Okay .....I did an idiot thing and wiped out my sidebar including all my ring links and I don't have the info I used when signing up.

Would it be possible to have my info sent to me, including my Site ID and the information to get the ring link back into my template.

Thanks. My webpage is http://thedailystitch.blogspot.com



I want to join the bloggers here but I am so lost. Where do I go next and what do I do. I have never blogged before. I am in Alabama and am a true southern belle.

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Knitting my heart out in the steamy South. I do not know how to feel to associate with those lines, but I do.

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