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I LOVE that colorway! What is it? Where can I get some? LOL


those look totally bitchin'...That movie rocks and so do your socks. good job woman!


I just read through your last 5 posts, so my comments will be in bullet points, if you don't mind :)

1. LOVE the sweater! Great job and NEVER EVER cut your knitting again (unless it's steeks, of course).
2. Your doggies in sweaters are SO F'IN cute! Love it!
3. Kill Bill socks fuckin' rock! Love them. Now that I like sock knitting (two circs is SO much better) I will have to get some of that yarn. Fun stuff...
4. Miss you, love you more!

Old Knitter

I love those socks.....great job!


Hi I don't think I've commented in a while. All your stuff looks awesome and those socks rock. I am jealous of all the knitting you've done. I lost the knitting bug a little bit. And by the way if i didn't comment on this before Mr. Lug and I are battlestar gallactica fans too.

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