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Um, that SUCKS about the jaywalkers. I would've given up by now! You have some strong perserverence there.


Are you and I living the same life right now?

Insane work? Check.
Financial troubles? Check.
Boy and video games? Check.
Jaywalker hell? Triple Check.

In good news, a local newspaper for Long Beach is coming to our SnB tonight to do an article on us! Supastar!


Hey, *I* have SnB tonight, TOO! but no newspaper article on us....YET!

OK, I was just writing quickly to say I am NOT going to allow 2006 to suck as hard as 2005 did. So, whatever bad experiences you've had so far, just LOOK AWAY!! We're instead looking forward to the NEXT jaywalker sock you're going to make--each one a learning experience--, the financial troubles you're FACING and cleaning up (brava!!), the awesome boyfriend that you are not taking for granted (or granite, as a HS boy once wrote to my BF), and work, at which I'm going to assume you ROCK. So. Yeah. GO 2006!

Okay, off to SnB...


Girl, you crazy with those socks. Kick their ass!

carrie m

see, this is why i don't knit socks. too aggravating! why don't you take a warm bath and break open a bottle of wine?


Yikes! Maybe another pattern? I have not tried the Jaywalkers yet - I may be the last person in blogland that hasn't. hehe. Good luck!


Sad we didn't get a chance to have our hot phone date tonight, but another time.

That reminds me: Remind me to ask you something about SP7.

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