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  • Neko Case: Middle Cyclone
  • Nina Simone: Anthology

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  • Cynthia Kaplan: Why I'm Like This
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Since you are going to hell too, maybe we can carpool? Whatcha think?

Feel better soon my love.

Anne Marie

Dayquil is awesome...but I prefer Nyquil. And I like to take it when I'm not sick. I'll have to try it with a decongestant bath.

Take care of yourself and feel better. Don't worry about the knitting...it'll come back to ya!

And have a wonderful (and healthy) holiday.

Anne Marie

PS Can I catch a ride with you and Skylar?


OMG! That nativity set is awesome! That rocks! Remember that black one that I had?


Oh I hope you feel better. You might want to try my patented method of lots and lots of tylenol sinus daytime followed by lots and lots of tylenol sinus nightime. Then you work lots and lots. And drink lots of coffee.

i hope you feel better!

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