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I'm a West Coast girl a loooong way from home.


I spent most of my life in Southern California and Seattle, but a few years ago I crash-landed here in Tallahassee. I don't think the culture shock will ever stop.

I've got a bonafide Southern boy for a fiance, who helpfully assists me in navigating my way through the culture, customs and accents of the deep South while I work on perfecting my drawl. Someday we plan to move somewhere much cooler and drier.

We have a spoiled rotten four-legged child named Sampson. He's a basenji-beagle mix that my younger sister and I adopted from a rescue organization along with his littermate, Cricket. Cricket lives with my sister, but often comes to stay with us, which is why she's mentioned on the blog quite frequently.

I knit, and in my spare time I work a full time job.

I once told my fiance how much yarn I had, in miles. I don't think he's over it yet. He ignores my yarn obsession and I ignore his music habit. We give each other moral support...I pretend to know what the hell he's talking about while drooling over a new bass cabinet, and he nods and smiles while I describe entrelac. Ignorance is bliss.

I love sci-fi, sarcasm, and coffee.

It's not the heat, it's the humidity.


Knitting, Yarn, Cooking, Wine, Robots, Vintage Pin-Ups, my doggies, Sci-Fi, Reading, Writing, 'Rithmatic, Music, Converse, Movies, waaaaay too much television